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Printing works

CZECH PRINT CENTER a.s., a subsidiary of publisher, CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s., owns and operates two modern printing works in the Czech Republic – one in Prague and the other in Ostrava.

It offers its customers premium quality, orders performed quickly, and a professional team of experts. These printing works are some of the most modernly equipped newspaper printing works in the Czech Republic. The printing works in Ostrava also specialises in producing high quality full-colour magazines, catalogues and various printed advertising material.
The benefits of CZECH PRINT CENTER a.s.’s printing works are our flexibility, quality guarantee, great prices, timely delivery and the opportunity for long-term co-operation. 

Contact Prague
Černokostelecká 613/145, 100 00 Praha 10
Phone: 225 283 111
Fax: 225 283 288

Contact Ostrava
Na Rovince 876, 720 00 Ostrava-Hrabová
Phone: 596 668 111
Fax: 596 626 606

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