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CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. is one of the two most powerful media organisations in the Czech market, reaching millions of print title readers and internet visitors through its products. Hundreds of thousands of other users take advantage of CNC’s other digital products, services and applications. CZECH PRINT CENTER a.s. printers also operate under the company.

Our media organisation has six integrated newsrooms – Blesk and Aha!, Sport, women’s magazines, general interest, motoring and men’s magazines, and children’s titles, which work with information in accordance with media type and editorial intent. Our flagship is the Blesk daily, which is the most sold and also most read daily newspaper in the market. Blesk is complemented by the purely tabloid Aha! Our third daily is the specialist Sport, which is the only daily paper in the Czech Republic which exclusively focuses on sports content. Every day, the daily includes a themed sports supplement and advice for actively doing sport. Alongside the Sport daily are themed magazines such as Sport GÓÓÓL and Sport magazine. These titles complement a wide range of crossword titles that come under the Blesk, Aha! and Sport brands. The fourth daily CNC publishes is the economic daily, E15.

At the websites and, readers will find on-line editions of our dailies with extra daily news and more information from the worlds of showbusiness, sport, entertainment, culture and economics.

In November 2016, the news website INFO.CZ was launched, focusing on the most important events in politics, business and more besides. It brings new perspectives, analyses and commentary which complement our standard news coverage. It attaches great weight not just to content itself, but also to visual processing, and this makes it stand out from similar rival projects.

One of our most important magazine titles is the weekly Reflex, the most-sold weekly news magazine in the Czech Republic. For travellers (and not just for them), CNC publishes the magazine with many years of history, Lidé a Země. 

Within the women’s titles segment, our media organisation publishes the most sold women’s magazine in the market – Blesk pro ženy. This has also been one of the most read weeklies in the Czech Republic for ten years, thanks to its popular themed supplements. Also successful are our leisure time magazines, such as Blesk Hobby, Blesk Zdraví and Blesk Vaše recepty. Amongst our monthlies, our magazines Maminka, Moje psychologie, Dieta and F.O.O.D. enjoy a firm position in the market.

For men, our media organisation publishes specialist motoring titles, which include the legendary Svět motorů and AutoTip. Both these titles top the rankings in their category both in terms of numbers sold, and in having the highest readership in the motoring segment. Four times a year, we publish special issues of Svět motorů. Other men’s magazines include our lifestyle monthly ForMen and our more technically-focused magazine Computer. 

The website complements our motoring titles and is one of the most visited motoring sites. Some of the technical websites which complement our men’s portfolio include živě and others. 

Our children’s titles enjoy great popularity and have a long history with a number of generations growing up with them. Our legendary magazines ABC, Sluníčko and Mateřídouška have recently been joined by our magazine Nedělníček. 

In total, our media organisation produces around 60 titles each year – newspapers, magazines and separately sold specials. We operate 30 websites. 

More information on each of our titles is available here.

Two printers are also run under the company, based in Prague and Ostrava, and these are owned and operated under the CZECH PRINT CENTER a.s. brand.

In 2012, we launched a highly successful company project – the first virtual mobile operator, BLESKmobil, which offers its customers excellent no-obligation calling rates, with which it has won the position of strongest virtual operator in the country. 



The company is entered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File No. 19490
Registered office: Komunardů 1584/42, 170 00 Prague 7
IČ (Company ID No.) 02346826

CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. is a part of the CZECH MEDIA INVEST a.s. concern


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